“Being All In”

Situations arise in “life” when the signs are obvious, yet an unwillingness to recognize those moments, which cause you to question your “faith” about yourself. “Love,” is the emotion which creates moments which shakes your “faith.”

“Faith” is a belief, yet “Love” is an emotion to which we seek guidance, spiritually and/or through spouses, family, or close friends. “Love” is a healing power and it is a protective power at the same time.

To fully appreciate “life”, one must have a strong “faith” with oneself, to do this, one must have a strong “Love” for oneself. You must be strong in “Love,” with yourself, so as to be strong with your spouse or significant partner, your family, and your friends. There can be no compromise with your “Love.” If you do compromise, you compromise your “faith”, you compromise your “hopes” you may have, and you will compromise your “life!”

To be strong in “Love”, is “Being All In,” with all who “You Are”, with your spouse or significant partner, family, friends, your work, your play and your higher power! It is simple to feel, but a lifetime to live!



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