F*** These Mediums Statistics

Although I am not a fan of your heading, I will congratulate you on finding, what I believe, is a better understanding of Medium. 48 months ago I began my journey of sobriety by attending my first AA meeting. There I learned the importance of sharing with the understanding everyone’s voice is important. With no formal structure, it was understood their sharing was in no way the answer for others, but important enough for all to hear. No one was measured by the number of people who agreed with them. Maybe this is why AA continues it’s existence some 134 years. With this said, I have been on Medium from its early inception. I began to see the platform evolve into a traditional model until its founder chose a better path. Like AA, Medium to me is like an AA meeting where anyone can express their emotions, thoughts, and ideas. I applaud the direction it has taken so far. But as to your article, I have learned in my seasoned Life, if one voice or writing inspires just one person other than yourself, who knows, your words may change a generation for a thousand years! Enjoy!