Merriam-Webster definition of “generosity”

: the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish :the quality of being generous ; especially : willingness to give money and other valuable things to others.

I asked myself this question, am I being as generous with my faith, my hope, my love, and my life, with my highest power God almighty? For if I act, with generosity to God, will God be generous with his blessings on to me?

This poses the question to myself, if I show generosity to my children, are they showing me an equal amount of generosity? If I am showing generosity to the person in my life, is this person giving an equal amount of generosity to me? In business, if I am giving my generosity to my employees, are they intern, giving their generosity to me?

Generosity, is not about just sharing money, it’s about giving of oneself in faith, hope, love, and life. We know when we receive an equal amount of generosity, simply by being “very happy”! When we are not “very happy”, there is an unbalance of generosity in our life!

Are there moments of generosity between two people? Yes. Can two people find more generosity within themselves as they live together? Yes, as long as they share a lot of the same values. It is difficult for those who are opposite of each other, to offer the same generosity. Because their values are not the same!



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