How I Cope With My Mental Illnesses By Josh Hehe

In reading your story, I am reminded the most important step is to share in helping us to find our sober lifestyle.

In my journey to mental calmness which brings about my sobriety, I by chance watched the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks. It was then I realized I as a human being live on a desert island within my mind.

Watching the movie, I asked myself what skill sets do I possess to survive. Then a feeling emerged and I realized, all my challenges require learning skill sets to help me manage my emotions to bring about my sobriety. It’s is no different than the 21 merit badges I needed to learn and earn to become an Eagle Scout.

It was 4 years before Tom Hanks in the movie set out to brave the challenges before him and to be reunited with civilization. For me, I set out for my changes to be for a lifetime. With that mindset, I found my efforts more rewarding because I took ownership of my choices which help me to adapt to a more meaningful Life!

A passage I wrote recently;

Life is the Answer. Faith is the Journey. Salvation is the Blessing! Enjoy!


William W. Cook