My Burning Desire To Share. 10.28.2017

With my 46th month of Living a Life of Sobriety. I have come to understand much during these months. I am reflective to the beginning of my journey when I attended AA forty six months ago. I learned the two most important lessons, “Listen and Share as I.” With this said, I was fascinated when I or others were asked, “Do You Have A Burning Desire To Share?” So, today, I am beginning to post my random thoughts as, My Burning Desire To Share and invite you to take 3 minutes to visit my YouTube Channel CooksQuotes to watch the various Sunrises I have posted over my 46 months of sobriety. Like AA, I invite anyone’s comments without prejudice to help gain a greater understanding of our Human Life! Enjoy!

Today’s My Burning Desire To Share 10.28.2017;

I have come to understand in my seasoned Life, People are People, no matter their Color, Gender, or Beliefs which I am blind too. What I do insist on is holding People “Accountable for their Authenticity!” Enjoy!

                                        William W Cook