My Burning Desire To Share. Moral Compass

With my 48th month of Living a Life of Sobriety. I have come to understand much during these months. I am reflective to the beginning of my journey when I attended AA forty eight months ago. I learned the two most important lessons, “Listen and Share as I.” With this said, I was fascinated when I or others were asked, “Do You Have A Burning Desire To Share?” So, I am beginning to post my random thoughts as, My Burning Desire To Share and invite you to take 3 minutes to visit my YouTube Channel CooksQuotes to watch the various Sunrises I have posted over my 48 months of sobriety. Like AA, I invite anyone’s Burning Desire To Share to help gain a greater understanding of our Human Life! Enjoy!

My Burning Desire To Share. Moral Compass;

As I have begun my journey in Living a Life of Sobriety, visiting Sunrises, I have come to feel in my most recent months of my journey, the understanding all that I seek, as a man and human being, is My Moral Compass!

It is the belief I find within myself which helps me to express myself in a way in which I smile each time I see myself in the mirror. It is the guide which helps me to strengthen my core, my health, and my relationships in living my daily life. One would ask me how to start this journey, “My Faith” in My Being and My Faith in My Highest Power, God The Curator Of All Life and Life’s Energy! Enjoy!


      William W. Cook