My Burning Desire To Share. Structure

With my 47th month of Living a Life of Sobriety. I have come to understand much during these months. I am reflective to the beginning of my journey when I attended AA forty seven months ago. I learned the two most important lessons, “Listen and Share as I.” With this said, I was fascinated when I or others were asked, “Do You Have A Burning Desire To Share?” So, I am beginning to post my random thoughts as, My Burning Desire To Share and invite you to take 3 minutes to visit my YouTube Channel CooksQuotes to watch the various Sunrises I have posted over my 47 months of sobriety. Like AA, I invite anyone’s Burning Desire To Share to help gain a greater understanding of our Human Life! Enjoy!

My Burning Desire To Share: Structure;

In my seasoned Life, I have come to understand, there is no Structure in Living one’s Life! All one should do, watch children play. See how children constantly try different things until something interesting grabs their attention, plays with awhile, moves on, then comes back to it for a little while longer! With all the suggestions to manage one’s Life, I say, keep it simple, play to your heart’s content, move on when you lose interest, and just maybe you will be drawn back to the very moment you found enjoyment and stay with it for the balance of your natural Life! Enjoy!

                                                                           William W. Cook