• "Happiness comes easy, when you don't have to explain who "You Are!"

    William W. Cook

    William W. Cook

  • “Being All In”

    Situations arise in “life” when the signs are obvious, yet an unwillingness to recognize those moments, which cause you to…

  • “Sunrises”

    Much has been written about “Sunrises”, yet I find myself wishing to write about “Sunrises.” Each morning I awake to…

  • “My Life Is My Pebble!”

    The miracle of this day, in the words of Alan Watts, “see a pebble, pick it up, simply enjoy it…

  • Live everyday in"Life" as "The Best Day", not as the last!

    William W. Cook

    William W. Cook

  • “Twins”

    Great relationships, I believe, are so much similar to being like “twins”. I have witnessed how twins interact with each…

  • First year, earn your right to be here. Second year, smooth over the rough edges. Third year, watch you grow!

    William W. Cook

    William W. Cook


  • “Generosity”

      Merriam-Webster definition of “generosity” : the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish :the quality of being generous…