• Quote of the Day

    ” We can’t force “Life” to change us, yet we can be “our own force” to change our Life!” William

  • Energy In- Is Energy Out

    As I visit each mornings Sunrise, some vibrant, some stormy, I am finding my “Life” gets better and better simply…

  • Medium Story

    “I have spent the last 59 years repairing the mistakes I have made.

  • “Spirit”

    “Spirit” Could it be to “enhance my self-worth,” is simply to “embrace my Spirit?” With all life functions within my…

  • Thought of the Day

    “My soul is my vault to store my Spirit!” Enjoy William

  • Thought of the Day

      “In my 19 months of sobriety, I have learned to “walk” as much as I can, which helps to…

  • Thought of the Day

    “Imagination ignites “dreams” which brings “thoughts and ideas” to help us rise to the “life” we wish to enjoy!” William

  • Thought of the Day

    With Life I feel, there are no guarantees, except one, stay in “faith with life” and you will arise to…

  • Thought of the Day

    “Could it be, to bring stillness to our “souls,” is simply to follow the path to enlighntment, The Sun?” Enjoy…

  • Thought of the Day

    “It is not the “purpose” for which I seek, it is “life” for which I will enjoy!” Enjoy William