“Relationship, Partnership”

Merriam Webster’s definition of “relationship”: the way in which two or more people or things are connected. Merriam Webster’s definition of: “partnership” the persons joined together in a partnership.

As I visit the sunrise each morning, I find myself reflecting more as to “relationship and partnership.” I had always felt a “relationship,” was someone I wanted to be with and a “partnership,” was someone I want to be in business with.

Yet, as I look at the sunrise, I am feeling differently about “relationship and partnership” when I stand in “Faith” with God! I am of the feeling, I am beginning to live and enjoy a “relationship” with God, as my “Faith” blossoms like a “flower,” I find myself wanting to in “partnership” with God in my life.

Now I ask myself, “how will I know or feel this is true?” As the sun rises in the morning, I am smiling as the thought “rises” within myself like the sun. The person, who I hold most dear to me, begins with enjoying a “relationship” in my “life.” As our connection grows with each other, our “faith,” grows stronger to the point, without any thought, we know our bond is so strong, a “partnership,” begins to blossom, like a flower does when the sun rises!

With this feeling, I believe my, “relationship and partnership” flourish with God, when I am flourishing in my “life,” with the special person I hold dear in my “soul!”