Stoicism and Sobriety By Michael McGivern

I have read your thoughts on Stoicism and Sobriety. First, let me congratulate you on your journey of Sobriety. A journey if you chose, can be a fabulous lifetime way of Life.

I too have read the stories on Stoicism. Negative visualization can help in understanding gratitude. Yet, I have come to understand in my seasoned Life, Living a Life of Sobriety, there is a greater path when I find “belief” in what I desire. My “belief” helps me to collaborate with my Spirit or consciousness so my mind processes more possibilities for my consideration.

Visiting Sunrises, as I do, brings about a feeling of an even greater consciousness than my own, or as I refer to as God! I have no scientific fact or hypothesis, except what I humanly possess, My Humanity!

Therefore I Ask? Would you rather navigate your ship towards the destination of your choice, Belief? Or continue to look back from whence you have journeyed, Negative Visualization, to find the joy and happiness you seek? Enjoy!


William W. Cook