Much has been written about “Sunrises”, yet I find myself wishing to write about “Sunrises.” Each morning I awake to visit the “Sunrises” in Ocean City, Maryland and I visit no matter what the weather is for the day. As I am there, I take pictures with my iPhone 6 and a video of the “Sunrise,” which I post on my website for anyone to enjoy.

Since starting my journey of visiting “Sunrises” since December 16, 2014, I have noticed a miraculous transformation with my thoughts and find serenity with my soul! I find when I stand before the miracle before me, “life,” and close my eyes for a minute or more, I feel the energy is rejuvenating my “life.” The only sounds I feel, are the waves from the ocean, the brightness of the sun, the birds flying around me, and the breath I take into my body. As I open my eyes, and gaze upon the sun, happy thoughts began to emerge within my mind. As though, those thoughts, are all I need to embrace during my day.

My feelings and thoughts which emerged from my visits, are, “God, Faith, hope, love, life”, “enjoy this day as your best day, not your last,” and “trust life, simply by being awake and relax!”

Recently, I was engaged in a wonderful conversation with two friends. As I was listening, my one friend commented, to sum up what he has learned, is “life” has three ingredients, “simplicity, patients, and self-forgiveness.” Upon visiting the “Sunrise” on March 7, 2015, without any understanding why I chose to visit “Sunrises,” I realized I was in search of, finding “simplicity” in my life, having “patients” to trust life, and find “self-forgiveness” to enjoy the miracle before me, “God and my life!”


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