The Body is Unruly

I enjoyed reading your feelings and thoughts on The Body is Unruly. I am particularly struck by this passage,

And in hearing those stories, I was reminded that all of us live in unruly bodies that we’re all trying to take care of as best we can.

I have come to understand, my choices begin with my Unruly Consciousness, which my body supports and reacts too.

I wish to share a passage I wrote,

I have learned in my seasoned Life, Living a Life of Sobriety, change, habits, etc, only happen when you take full ownership of all your choices, no matter what others have done, if you want to have a lasting long long effect on your happiness. How do you know if it’s working? When you look in the mirror and feel the power of your beliefs! To sum it up, Stay In Faith with your Beliefs and you will be Happier in time! Enjoy!

William W. Cook