The Only Way To Guarantee Happiness

I enjoyed reading your article and your reference to the early Stoics you mentioned. I too have read the passages from these Stoics and it amazes me how these men, centuries ago, were expressing their understanding of human emotions such as happiness. Could it be, we overthink what it takes to be happy? Is it not simply an emotion we are born with, like babies playing, and/or maybe we have dulled happiness by intellectualizing our emotion? In my seasoned life, Living a Life of Sobriety, I too have been in search of an understanding of my happiness. Yet, recently I was listening to a rally in Florida, in which the President said this, “It’s all psychological and that’s what creates greatness!” President Donald Trump Pensacola Speech 12/8/2017. No matter what one’s view of the President, his statement invoked a sense within me, maybe I should stop seeking what makes me happy, just keep believing I am, no matter what Life throws at me! Enjoy!