Thought Of The Day. Moment!

As I visited to today’s Sunrise, I gave thought to the word Moment! As Merriam Webster defines it: a minute portion or point of time.

Waiting for the Sunrise and feeling the Moment, I remembered, it is now 42 months living a Life of Sobriety. A transportive period of time in bringing harmony with my emotions and desires. A constant battle of understanding with simplicity, patience, self-reliance, self-forgiveness, imagination, self- awareness, anticipation and finding mental clarity. An exhaustive period of time in restoring my character. An effort I can rest assure necessary, in building better behaviors to replace old behaviors of my past. Yet, standing before Life and waiting for the Sunrise, feeling all the energy around me, I have come to feel a sense of serenity during this Moment. No battles of thought or emotions, just being fully present, enjoying what is before me.

Much of my thoughts durning my Sobriety, brought many “what if’s,” “whats” or “whys”. Now I have come to realize all necessary in helping my Spirit to heal over time. With that said, all I have endured durning my 42 months brought me to this understanding;

All That Is Real Happens In The Moment!


William W. Cook