Thought Of The Day. Rejuvenation!

With my visit to today’s Sunrise, I feel Rejuvenated. I am reminded, yesterday, I have been living a Life of Sobriety for 43 months. A blessing for someone who has allowed the better part of my 61 years of Life to be controlled by the various behaviors which eventually would have brought me to a silent end to my life by the destruction of my soul and health. Not an easy journey, but a necessary one which will never end until Life tells me my time has come.

My journey still has many chapters to living a Life of Sobriety. Difficult at times, when family and friends watch and feel with you the ups and downs, and yet, find understanding as the better side of my being brings joy to their very soul.

Recently, I wrote this passage which I wish to share this day,

I believe, the past and the future always resides with us in the moment we are breathing. The beauty, we as conscious human beings, have is to reflect on our choices and imagine our possibilities. The trick is to allow nature to take its course and learn to become a “conductor” of consciousness, like a conductor in a symphony, to our thoughts and our emotions. As to time, the cosmos brings to all life forms “time,” the measurement between Sunrise to Sunrise. In helping us with “time,” Life suggests we spend some of it in resting our consciousness and body by resting or sleeping a quarter of the Day!


William W. Cook