Thoughts To Ponder Today!

It has been some time since I have been able to visit a Sunrise and write on Medium. Even though the Sun did not shine today, I still felt the restorative powers of Life’s energy. It is amazing to me how such a simple visit has a way to reset your Spirit which helps to remove the “fog which resides in your mind.” As I continue to live a Life of Sobriety, I at times write down thoughts which come to me during the course of my day.

Today, I felt the need to just share my written thoughts for others to ponder on. As I had experience in AA, I have a burning desire to share. Here goes!

I have come to believe, all human decisions are emotional, yet some emotional decisions are just more informed! Enjoy!

Living a Life of Sobriety is to live a life without unhealthy behaviors! Enjoy!

Walking LAM! Walk The Legs, Walk The Arms, Walk The Mind!

No Human Being should ever feel or be thought of having disabilities, for all Human Beings are blessed with Special Gifts. It is up to each one of us as Humans, to seek and enjoy what is before us! Enjoy!

I’ve come to learn The simplicity of Life in what we do boils down to 4 Qtrs. One quarter for resting or sleeping the other 3 qtrs for living. Therefore, we should only prioritize 3 events we actively pursue starting with personal Health. Only replacing an event when one is completed. Health, Family, Destiny

Traffic Light! Amazing when I see a yellow light how I slow down naturally without thought. Should all my best behaviors do the same?

“When learning to sail, it begins with understanding and as we practice we develop confidence.” I believe, Life is the same way, when we choose to change direction and learn to sail in our life, we practice and practice and practice till we began to feel confident as to where we’re going and what we want to do!” Enjoy!

If you stay in faith with your beliefs, Life finds a way to deliver on its promises!

For I cannot convey what I have learned onto you, I can only convey to you by my example! Enjoy!

Congratulations you have correctly defined an entrepreneur! Survival, Instincts, Money!

As I have come to understand, my only help I should give is to save a life, otherwise, like a plant which grows, all I should do is watch the life grow like a plant on its own, and like rain I listen. To fertilize, conversation from time to time helps in keeping ones growth alive! Enjoy!

Write 3 things down, one for Health, One for Family, One for Destiny, practice and repeat 5 times a day for 10 weeks and watch how you begin to learn a new behavior.

I have learned, as I live a Life of Sobriety, my desire for Understanding leads me to Knowledge I seek, instead of searching for Knowledge before my Understanding! Enjoy!

Creative Living Is; Conscious Listening in Living For Experiences which Experiences Brings Understanding and Understanding Accumulates Into Knowledge for us to Profit From Knowledge!

Instead of being a Minimalist, just be a Simplest!

To Be Present, “Stay Where You Are, Not Where You’ve Been, and Not Where You’re Going!!”

The Real Wealth One Seeks Is In Ones Being! Enjoy!


William W Cook