Great relationships, I believe, are so much similar to being like “twins”. I have witnessed how twins interact with each other for some time. I’m realizing, all of us, in someway find a true connection when two people feel like they are twins. Could it be, “twins” offer us an insight as to our connection with ourselves, our higher power, and the person we share our life with!

Watching twins, I witness the ease and flow between themselves. I witness the ups and downs of their emotions, wanting to express themselves separately, yet always remain connected. I witnessed, when one twin is not feeling well, the other twin can be miles away, instinctively calling to make sure all is okay. I witnessed their constant communication and connection with each other. I liken it to, two porpoises communicating to each other, as I have witnessed at an aquarium. Both talking at the same time, yet instinctively understanding everything being said. It is, as though their life is in “sync or connected” with each other.

The “foundation” of “faith, hope, love, life”, in my view, are hardwired within ourselves. We share our “foundation” with our higher power, our children, our family and friends, and that special person in our life. Yet great relationships, I believe, are when our “foundation” is woven together when we are in “sync or connected”, just like “Twins”!!

 “World’s Oldest Twins Are Still Close As Ever At 103”

The world oldest identical twins

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