“Who Am I?”

Why, How, What, When and Who. The order of my 5 stages of Post Traumatic Growth. My foundation to guiding me, “my right hand,” starts with God, Faith, Hope, Love, and Life. Which moves me to emotionally experience for myself, “Why, How, What, When and Who.” My journey, durning my 13 months of sobriety, has brought to me the last question of myself, “Who Am I?” I must admit, a tough emotional journey, yet a needed one. For “I am” enjoying much more fully, the goodness and joy of “life,” adding to my “toolbox” the moments and literature’s of being a kind and gentle Human Being.

“Who Am I?’ is not a question to be answered, it is a question to ask of myself each morning. For “Who Am I?” is always evolving, as I embrace the miracle before me, “My Life!”


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