Why Your Accomplishments Don’t Matter

In reading your thoughts today, I am particularly struck by this thought;

The fact that you’ve changed the world or sacrificed for your friends and family is of no consequence beyond the impact it ends up having on how you experience life and how that disrupts your memory moving forward.”

In my seasoned Life, I have come to understand the simplicity of our existence is Survival & Mating, or simply stated Fear & Love. We strive to learn skills or behaviors, to increase our need to Survive as Humans and Mate to what we Love, enjoy, in living with other Humans in our existence. “The Experience” you so note, I believe, is more “The Expression” we as Human Beings, I believe, have a need to engage in, if not for just our legacy, but to paint a portrait of ourselves as artists, to hang on a wall for all to see! Our Experiences or Expressions do matter in the present time we exist, so as, we can assist in “helping mankind move one more step forward” to protect and serve the very Life We Love and Enjoy!

                                                                    William W. Cook